White Pizza | Potato pizza, Zucchini pizza and Onion pizza

White Pizza, If you love pizza you must try my 3 White Pizza’s, Potato pizza, Zucchini pizza and Onion pizza ready to eat in 30 minutes from start to finish. easy fast and tasty, no more waiting 24, 48 hours on the dough this Mamma mia Dough is ready in 20 minutes or less, enjoy


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  1. Hi Bob, this triple vegetable pizza looks so delicious! Love the way you make pizza simple way, with few ingredients and lots of love. And that crunchy dough, that's it, nothing left to add.

  2. Ciao Bob Pepper, complimenti anche per questa ricetta, la facciamo spesso anche noi e dobbiamo ammettere che è veramente , ma veramente BUONISSIMA.
    Ci hai fatto venire tantissima fame


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