Try this PIZZA, Mum’s Italian pizza recipe for pizza lovers

You must try this PIZZA its fast easy and ready to eat in 30 minutes from start to Finnish, it’s my Mum’s Italian pizza recipe for pizza lovers, you can make thin crust pizza or thick crust pizza just add more dough. i will show you how to make pizza dough for this homemade pizza recipe, you can make this pizza with any toppings you like from Margherita pizza to pizza with the lot or if you like even white pizza so check out my other video on white pizzas, no more waiting 24 or 48 hours for the dough to be ready, this dough is so unique that it will be ready in 20 to 25 minutes that means your pizza will be on your table ready to eat after 10 minutes of oven time or when your pizza is golden color for a nice crunchy taste. its easy so you can learn how to make pizza from scratch and perfect every time you make pizza, its a must try if you don’t try it your loss but if you do try it your going to know what pizza is because this pizza taste so good and its more tasty of pizza flavor eaten cold the next day.. my Mum has been making this Pizza for all our family and friends, this Pizza tops all Pizza’s if you don’t believe me just try it and if its not how i say then leave me a bad comment, i know this will not happen because no person has never not liked this pizza in 50 years, make sure to make plenty because they go fast and even faster when the pizza is cold the day. i really wanted to share this great recipe with you, thank you for being here and enjoy your favorite pizza.


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  1. Ciao BOB PEPPER, bella, in Italia ne esistono veramente svariate e tante di ricette di pizza, ed è bello che tu abbia condiviso la ricetta che ti ha insegnato tua mamma.
    Complimenti e saluti come sempre.


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