Tropical Shish Kebabs with Pineapple | (Steak Kabob)

Tropical Shish Kebabs with Pineapple the perfect fresh tasting Steak Kabob with fruits, pineapple kebabs are refreshing, who doesn’t love to eat a pineapple kebab so if your having a party why not serve your Steak Kabobs with fruits, its always good to serve someone a steak kebab pineapple skewers, this video will show you the simple steps on how to make kebabs with pineapple. Enjoy the tropical skewers


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  1. Ciao Bob, la versione Tropical è veramente interessante, sono Alessio di Catericette.
    Questa sera farò sia la versione del precedente video e sia questa per cena, grazie per l'idea.


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