Polenta Recipe, how to make Polenta with Sausage Sauce

Polenta Recipe, How to make Polenta with sausage sauce (Give your Polenta some taste)
In this video i will show you how to make Polenta with a nice sausage sauce recipe that will make your taste buds go CRAZY.

A lot of people are use to making polenta with only water and salt but i will show you how to cook polenta with a taste and i will also show you how to make sausage Sauce Recipe that will go perfect with your Polenta and not only it will taste good it will look like a pizza,

This is a really nice recipe so enjoy it


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  1. Hi Bob….I love Polenta……I usually have mine with sauce too 👍 That looks delicious 😊 Your video is very well done! When am I going to get to see you 😳😳😳 Enjoy, Dolores ❤️


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