Pasta with Eggplant sauce recipe, Cooking Italian Pasta alle Melanzane

Delicious Pasta with Eggplant sauce recipe, The Italian Pasta alle Melanzane step by step cooking with Bob Pepper, this dish is truly delicious.


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  1. Wow … I was very surprised to see the branches. It is too fat. Your cooking is so lyrical. I subscribe to your channel. I hope you will meet me on my channel. We share it with you.

  2. Ciao BOB bella ricetta, abbiamo mangiato giusto due giorni fa la pasta con le melanzane.
    Il tuo video è molto rilassante e pacato, è bello da vedere, buon appetito e saluti dall'Italia

  3. Well done Bob, really nice dish! I love the way you cook your recipes with lots of patience, cooking on low heat giving a time to all ingredients to release its flavors. Keep it up!


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