Lamb Skewers, Italian Arrosticini skewers in Pan or barbecue

Lamb Skewers, Barbecue Arrosticini skewers are a class of traditional Abruzzese cuisine, You can Pan or barbecue Arrosticini skewers, why not have a BBQ feast grilling foods for lamb meat lovers, Arrosticini are typically made from castrated sheep’s meat, or lamb, its so easy how to cook arrosticini skewers it’s a must try why not give it a go.


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  1. Ciao Bob, che bella ricetta. Non so come hai fatto ma hai scelto una ricetta con un tempismo perfetto, sai che oggi parto e vado in Abruzzo a Paganica in provincia Dell'Aquila a trovare degli amici e sono felicissima, perché mangeremo tantissimi Arrosticini e ripenserò al tuo video, anzi glielo farò vedere!
    Invece Alessio rimane a casa e mi invidia un po' …..a pensarci meglio, un bel po' 🙂

  2. Hi Bob, I am here to support my friends channel but there is one thing that I can not eat and that is lamb! My husband likes it but unfortunately the poor guy doesn’t get it much because I won’t cook it! 😂😂 But for those that like it I’m sure this taste delicious. Hope to see you soon, Dolores 😍


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