How to make skewers at home | Beef Kebab Skewers in a pan

How to make skewers at home, In this video i will show you how to make skewers at home my Easy Beef Kebab Skewers in a pan..
(How to make skewers) its so easy to make skewers so why not make skewers at home, when your making skewers at home you can cook then just the way you like your beef Kebab Skewers to be, you can grill BBQ your skewers if you like but in this video we are making it super easy simple cooking Skewers in a pan, Kebab Skewers in a pan are so easy skewers to prepare and the best of it is its your own home made skewers so if you haven’t tried pan cooked skewers why not try it. this is just a simple video on how to cook skewers in a pan so enjoy cooking theses easy skewers, you can not go wrong with Lamb, Chicken or beef skewers in a pan. enjoy your easy beef kebab skewers, hit me with a like and Sub. hope to see you again.


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  1. Ciao Bob, ancora una volta hai fatto una ricetta che è stupenda, Io sono ancora in Abruzzo e sto mangiando tantissimi Arrosticini, ma Alessio che è rimasto a casa ha detto che ripeterà questa ricetta questa sera per Cena 🙂

  2. Hi Bob, where I live we call them shish kebabs. I love to alternate beef, chicken, peppers, onions and small tomatoes on the skewers. We barbecue them on the grill and they are delicious. Your beef ones look yummy. And who doesn’t like fries. Nice job. See you soon, Dolores 😍


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