CHICKEN SAUCE for Pasta recipe with Tagliatelle Pasta

Chicken Sauce, How to cook Chicken Sauce for Pasta, I’m going to use 2 Chicken Drumsticks, Extra Virgin Oil, a little chopped Onion, Sauce Puree, Salt and Pepper, with Basil and once that’s done this Sauce will need to cook on very low heat for one hour, the pasta i’m going to use is Tagliatelle pasta.. you will be Licking your Lips with this Delicious Chicken Sauce for Pasta or for any food you like to use it for, in this video you will learn Step by Step how to cook Pasta Chicken Sauce with Bob Pepper, This will be the Best Chicken Sauce recipe you have ever tasted.

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  1. Hello dear friend, this is also a really nice cooking video! Very good presentation. Your chicken sauce for tagliateele looks really good. And i think it´s very delicious! A very nice recipe! Thanks for sharing. My Like #22 for you! I had already subscribed to your great chef channel! Wish you a very happy weekend and best regards from Bavaria, Germany.

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