Ricotta cheese Balls Cacio e Uova in a nice tasty Italian Sauce

You must try this Cacio e Uova Ricotta cheese Balls in a nice tasty Italian Sauce for cheese lovers its absolutely tasty.

This Recipe is from my Town in Italy, we have been cooking this recipe for many many years and i want to share it because its such a great dish, The Ricotta balls in witch we call Cacio e Uova is typical of the Abruzzese Apennines, they represent the emblem of a simple kitchen recipe in which meat is eliminated, replacing it with bread and Parmesan cheese and egg to tie., it can be oven baked if you like or cooked in a nice Sauce and thats what im going to do, we will be cooking a nice tasty Sauce with onion and capsicum, start licking your lips because this dish is truly unique.


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  1. Hi Bob, what a great, simple recipe! Love to use ricotta in my cooking a lot, every once in a while I make ricotta gnocchi or ricotta fritters. When I do ricotta gnocchi, first what I do is to boil them, then put them in the sauce. But this cooking into the sauce method makes it even more easier to prepare. Can I use this method if I use flour in my ricotta balls (instead of bread just like you did)? Just to mention, as coincidence, the first published video on my channel is easy ricotta fritters 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Keep it up! Just subbed!

  2. Watching this made us really hungry 😍😍 yikes you were so close to your fingers when you cut into that onion… Had us nervous! Mmmmmm and the sound of that onion and pepper sizzling away in the pan was heaven!

  3. Hello my dear friend, this is a really nice cooking video! Very good presentation. Your cheese balls with italian sauce looks really good. And i think it´s very delicious! A very nice recipe! Thanks for sharing. My Like #19 for you! I already subscribed to your beautiful channel and i also hope you do the same. Wish you a very happy day and best regards from Bavaria, Germany.

  4. YUM! I like your version of the ricotta balls in sauce! My mom used to make them but she breaded and then deep fried the balls and served marinara sauce beside the ricotta balls. Will your version a try next time I make them..Thanks for sharing. Cheers

  5. As always i will be picking 4 channels that have commented on this video and linking one video from each 4 channel to my end screen for this Video, unfortunately only 4 spots are available on a video end screen so its hard for me to make everyone happy but this is not a problem because more videos will be uploaded and soon or later your video will be, thanks for watching and leaving me a comment it makes me happy to know my time is not wasted and my food is liked, have a Super Bob Pepper Day

  6. Ok I need to apologize for not being on this stream. Usually I come to your streams, (a little late most of the time) but in this one, I just left randomly. The reason why is because I had alot of notifications, so I went to check them out. But then I started feeling scared so I went on and watched some stuff to make me feel better.

    So once again, I'm sorry for not being in this stream..


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